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Our Mission

We want to revolutionize how the adventure sport community makes purchasing decisions. We aim to provide adventure sport enthusiasts with the ultimate resource for high quality information on professionally guided trips and sport equipment. We believe this is best accomplished through active dialogue with an expert in a focused category, someone who can draw on personal experience and the most current market research to offer the objective, personalized insight necessary to make an informed decision.

The Platform

TruNex is a consultancy platform in the adventure sport space. We are a free, online service that connects experts with consumers seeking information about adventure trips and related equipment via real-time video conferencing technology.

Here, we see skiing, mountain biking, climbing, and every adventure sport as more than just activities—they are passions with rabid followings of people eager to get the most out of their experience. Adventurers of all kinds want to be “in the know” about their respective sport. They want to know where to go on their next trip and what gear is truly best for them. The problem is, often times this information is hard to come by unless you have access to somebody with an intimate understanding of the industry…This is where TruNex comes in.

Our website serves as a portal, allowing visitors to chat FREE with experts on gear or trips from a variety of adventure sport categories. Our experts provide clients with unbiased consultation of the highest quality, drawn from years of experience and the most current market research. Looking for the ultimate adventure trip? Wondering about new gear? Choose from our categories, schedule a consultation with the corresponding expert, and receive free advice identifying YOUR optimal purchase.

The Value

Expert Advice—Totally Free! lowest-price-guaranteed

At TruNex, you don’t just get quality information—you get personalized insight from the best. With the click of a button you can be talking in real time with an expert in a specific adventure sport category, someone who’s lived and breathed the sport as a professional for years. Drawing on both personal experience and current market research, our experts are equipped to provide clients with everything they need to make the right purchase. You’ll not only receive detailed information on the product class in question but also a personalized recommendation based on your skillset and preferences. And you can ensure the advice you get is unbiased, as TruNex maintains identical referral agreements with an extensive network of product suppliers. Once again, this service is totally free—there are no mark-ups in the purchases of our clients for the help of our experts.

The Process

Our clients first select a category from the available options and instant message the corresponding expert to schedule a consultation. Consultations take place via Video Chat (typically through Skype or Facetime) or Phone Call—the choice is up to the client. The expert begins the consultation by assessing the client’s skillset and preferences, and then walks the client through the options available to them before arriving at a justified recommendation. After this exchange of advice, the expert helps to make the purchasing process of the recommended products as accessible and easy as possible.

Our Audience

Our services are designed for individuals and parties excited about the prospect of booking a professionally guided adventure trip as well as for those interested in purchasing any of the related equipment. Our clients want to consult with the best to get the insight they need to make the most informed decision possible.



The consulting services we offer are completely free and place the client under no obligations whatsoever. We generate revenue wholly from referral fees arranged with our extensive network of product suppliers. We publish those rates to ensure the unbiased nature of our services and the quality therein.

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